Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cheap Cars

Looking for a cheaper car? You're not alone. Many of us love the idea of being able to have low monthly payments or simply pay cash for a vehicle. Unfortunately, cheaper usually means old with high miles, or something made entirely of cardboard. Hey, at least it's eco-friendly.

At LeSueur Car Company we have 45 cars priced under $14,000. Most used car dealers don't even have 45 cars on their entire lot! And the best part is that most of those cars under $14,000 are 2007 or newer, including a number of 2009 models. Being that new, these cars still have factory warranty, and a majority of them have low miles, and by "low" I don't mean high like some people. I'm not going to falsely claim that they're all "highway miles" like everyone else, but I can say they're in great shape, and you'll be surprised just how much car you can get for such a low price.
For example, you can get a 2008 Kia Optima (same size as the Camry and Accord) with a V6, leather, Infiniti Sound System, moonroof, alloy wheels, spoiler, 6-Disc changer, steering wheel controls, and only 10k miles from LeSueur's for $13,695! On top of that, you get the remaining 5 year/60k mile bumper to bumper AND powertrain warranties! More features than standard Camry's and Accords, a better warranty, and a fraction of the price.

Cheap cars never felt so expensive.

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year, New Car!

Start the New Year in style! Put on your new clothes, spray on that new cologne, and get yourself a new set of wheels (not just tires or wheels, I mean a new car).

I can't help but think that I'm beating a dead horse on this, but yes, we do have 300 cars in stock with tons of Mini Coopers, Volkswagen Beetles, and Toyota Tundras. We have over 40 different models from Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti, BMW, Mini, and more! Only the best names at the best prices in the Phoenix Valley and beyond!

Not satisfied with your Christmas "re-gifts"? I don't blame you. Get something for you, for your wife, or for that straight A child of yours. It's still the season for giving and recieving. Instead of waiting for change, go out and make that change happen today. Just don't come by on Sundays, as we're closed to be with family. Thanks for reading!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The 35 Year Revolution!

That's right, you heard it. There's been a revolution, and it's been happening for almost 35 years. We're revolutionizing the way car sales are handled. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood Che, Martin Luther, or Ghandi. We're questioning the status quo, and we invite you onboard.

Don't worry, we're not violent. But we are taking a stand against pushy sales tactics, deceitful internet ads, and astronomical car prices and fees. Who wants to pay $500 or more for window tint, or $1,000 for mud flaps and floor mats?
Join us in our fight to make the car industry the best industry. It should be fun to buy a car, not a migraine-inducing experience that you vow to never undertake again. On second thought, just let those other dealers continue down their slippery slope, and come work with us. Maybe we'll keep the revolution on the down low. Besides, that's why we have such great customers. They know what to expect, we respect them, and they respect us.
Car buying is a mutual experience(you know, like those mutual breakups you had in high school), and here at LeSueur Car Company, we live by the Golden Rule. That's the one that says you should treat others the way that you want to be treated. Personally, I'd love to get a good deal on a car, so why shouldn't I help someone else achieve the same?
Thanks for reading!