Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Consumer Confidence is Down for October

Well, those consumers (or media, for that matter) have obviously never been to LeSueur Car Company, where confidence is always priority.

I've said many times, and each time it's true, that LeSueur Car Company is a completely different car buying experience. An entirely different and new flavor, if you will. But we're not new. No, no, definitely not. We're not even small. I guess people just aren't confident that there are actually honest, hardworking, and down-to-Earth car dealers.

We've been around since 1975, and I might as well add that we're here to stay. Since Warren started the place, thousands upon thousands of cars have been sold from a humble office made out of a porch. It's been added to and changed little by little, but it's time for something new. In fact, in the middle of all of these troubled economic times, LeSueur Car Company is about to begin construction on an all new facility, starting within the next month, and scheduled to be completed by next summer. We'll finally have parking spots for customers, and a nice clean bathroom!

So get ready folks for a whole new era of confidence. Sure, we may not look like much right now, but we're getting there. And besides, looks aren't everything...but I guess they can't hurt.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Future of Hybrids

If you've been to LeSueur's before, you already know that we have a lot of hybrids and a few diesel cars to choose from. In fact, we might be one of the largest hybrid retailers in Arizona.

But are hybrids here to stay, or are they merely a passing trend?

In a nutshell, it's likely that hybrids are taking over the world. Automakers are planning on hybrid sports cars, and a few companies like Volkswagen (one of our favorites) and Volvo plan on creating a Diesel Hybrid system, capable of acheiving more than 70 mpg.

If you'll remember from my Jetta TDI (diesel) and Toyota Prius (hybrid) comparison, you know that both are capable of better fuel economy when compared to gasoline. Instead of using gasoline in a hybrid, it's only logical that a diesel hybrid will be even more efficient.

Right now Toyota has a huge lead in the Hybrid market, having sold over 140,000 hybrid units since the beginning of the year. Honda comes in around 29,000, and Ford in third place at over 26,000. More and more companies are producing hybrid vehicles, and it doesn't take a fortune teller to know that this is the future of the automotive industry.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Need a Minivan?

If you need a Minivan, look no further!!

We've got lots of 2009 Volkswagen Routans and a 2008 Honda Odyssey, all with very low miles! It's the season for sports and fall getaways, so you'll need a vbehicle that will be up to the task. Entertain your rear seat occupants with dual DVD and keep them comfortable with roomy seating and multiple air conditioning vents.

If you're the SUV loving, anti-minivan kind of person, you might want to rethink some things. Better fuel economy, better seating, more gadgets, and tons of interior space are just a few advantages of the Minivan.

Check them out at Www.usedvwaudi.com, swing by, or give us a call 480-968-6611. It's time to expand your seating capacity.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Economic Downturn? I think not.

Is anyone else sick and tired about economic complaints? "This economy... it's the economy's fault, the economy is the reason we're doing so bad...." People, we are the economy!
Besides, the economy isn't hurting everyone. In fact, "tough economic" times have helped individuals and families to see the benefits of buying used vehicles instead of overpriced new ones. It just doesn't make sense to lose thousands of dollars as you pull out of the pretty new car dealership.

LeSueur's hasn't been hit by the economic boogie-man. We're chugging along, strong as ever. And, believe it or not, August was the all-time record setting month for LeSueur Car Company since we opened in 1975.

In a world full of bankrupting dealers, and with Pontiac and Saturn becoming extinct, being wiped off the map, it's easy to feel confused and lost. Don't be lost anymore, nor should you be confused any longer. Come to a place that's family owned and operated, a place that has proven itself over and over for nearly 35 years, and a place that will give you the best car-buying experience you've ever had.

Don't believe me? Third party reviews are always a good thing. http://www.dealerrater.com/dealer/LeSueur-Car-Company-review-8372/