Thursday, October 1, 2009

Economic Downturn? I think not.

Is anyone else sick and tired about economic complaints? "This economy... it's the economy's fault, the economy is the reason we're doing so bad...." People, we are the economy!
Besides, the economy isn't hurting everyone. In fact, "tough economic" times have helped individuals and families to see the benefits of buying used vehicles instead of overpriced new ones. It just doesn't make sense to lose thousands of dollars as you pull out of the pretty new car dealership.

LeSueur's hasn't been hit by the economic boogie-man. We're chugging along, strong as ever. And, believe it or not, August was the all-time record setting month for LeSueur Car Company since we opened in 1975.

In a world full of bankrupting dealers, and with Pontiac and Saturn becoming extinct, being wiped off the map, it's easy to feel confused and lost. Don't be lost anymore, nor should you be confused any longer. Come to a place that's family owned and operated, a place that has proven itself over and over for nearly 35 years, and a place that will give you the best car-buying experience you've ever had.

Don't believe me? Third party reviews are always a good thing.

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