Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Turns out, like most places of business, that LeSueur Car Co. will be closed on Thanksgiving day. If only we could have Black Friday sales like Wal-Mart, offering half off our cars or something....That would be pretty awesome, wouldn't it? People stand in line for hours for a TV, imagine the number of people in line for a half-priced car!

Anyway, from us at LeSueur's, we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Be careful when deep frying them birds, will ya?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Now Selling Porsches and Ferraris!

Oh boy, do I wish!

While we might not be selling high end supercars, we're not selling junkers either. On any given day, LeSueur's is packed full with about 250 or more cars, though you wouldn't think so if you saw us from the street. Our lot is more hotdog style than hamburger, for those of you who still think of food items when folding paper.

We have anything from a Toyota Yaris to BMW 5-Series Sedans, Toyota Tundra Crewmax's to Mini Coopers. We carry an extremely large variety of nearly 20 makes and more than 60 different models. Unlike other places, we're actually taking trades now, because unlike the others, we can actually sell our cars. We're out buying new cars every week, and our website is updated daily (http://www.usedvwaudi.com/).

With the way business has been for us in the past few years, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few Porsches rollin' around in the future. Either way, keep an eye on our website (http://www.usedvwaudi.com/) and a bookmark on this blog for updates and the latest deals and news.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are we human, or are we car salesmen?

I haven't found a way to get people to believe that we're better than any other dealers anywhere. I know what you're thinking, it's a bold statement, but it's not as bad as the whole Republican vs. Democrat battle that's been raging for half a century.

But still, I talk to people on the phone, I send them emails, I even make conversations with friends, but they don't seem to believe me. Then again, there is that statement "Seeing is Believing." Although, I don't really believe that.

Where has all the trust gone? Why do we think of scum sucking sleaze balls when we hear "car salesman?" Don't get me wrong, I get it, I'm not offended. But it doesn't apply to us at LeSueur's. Not even by a long shot. Don't believe me? Come and see and experience it for yourself. We've been around for almost 35 years now, and frankly I'm surprised that all of Phoenix doesn't buy from us.

Now, for once, you can have it your way somewhere other than at Burger King. Did you ever think that buying a car could be as easy as buying an appliance, a piece of furniture, or a cell phone plan? At most dealerships there is no possibility of that. But here....oh yeah, here, things are different. There's no push to buy (I mean, obviously we want you to buy, so try not to hurt our feelings), and at LeSueur's we don't even know how to play games...except video games. We're all young, give us a break. We figure that if you want a headache and a stress-induced inner explosion of self, there are other car dealers for that.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Toyota Tundra Madness!!

It's Toyota Tundra Madness at LeSueur Car Company!
Okay, that totally sounds like something a sleazy dealer would say on a cheap television commercial. But seriously, we've loaded up on Toyota Tundras, the hottest truck on the market, in order to pass on savings to you!
We have the lowest prices around, including the lowest tax rate, which means we have the best prices on nearly 20 Tundras. You can find the Crewmax, the doublecabs, and even single cabs, with a long bed, a big 4.7L or a bigger 5.7L, and even four wheel drive! (4x4 for ya'll who love offroadin' and stuff)This is the largest selection of Tundras we've ever had. In case you didn't know, the Tundra blew the competition away when it launched the new model in 2007, earning the majestic title of "Truck of the Year." More like "Truck of Human Existance," really. It's that awesome.

Zombie Survival Vehicle Survey

Thanks to everyone who participated in the zombie survey!

The majority of you decided that a simple bicycle would be the best way to escape a hungry horde of zombies, and as silly as that may seem, it is probably your best option. It doesn't require gas, it's quiet, it can go almost anywhere, and it's easy to maintain.

I'd like to think that we are now just a little more prepared for a zombie apocalypse. Oh, and be sure to give zombies the right of way at zombie crossings.