Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Toyota Tundra Madness!!

It's Toyota Tundra Madness at LeSueur Car Company!
Okay, that totally sounds like something a sleazy dealer would say on a cheap television commercial. But seriously, we've loaded up on Toyota Tundras, the hottest truck on the market, in order to pass on savings to you!
We have the lowest prices around, including the lowest tax rate, which means we have the best prices on nearly 20 Tundras. You can find the Crewmax, the doublecabs, and even single cabs, with a long bed, a big 4.7L or a bigger 5.7L, and even four wheel drive! (4x4 for ya'll who love offroadin' and stuff)This is the largest selection of Tundras we've ever had. In case you didn't know, the Tundra blew the competition away when it launched the new model in 2007, earning the majestic title of "Truck of the Year." More like "Truck of Human Existance," really. It's that awesome.

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