Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come and See the Difference

LeSueur's invites you to experience car-buying the way it's supposed to be experienced.

We have people tell us over and over how easy and stress-free their purchase was. It's no coincidence that nearly every customer tells us so.

Don't be alarmed when people dressed like beach bums approach you and offer water or assistance. They're not the detailers, they're the sales guys. But why the flip-flops and shorts, and where are the ties and gold watches? Well, to be honest, we're just like you. We want you to feel at home, relaxed, and befriended.

We tell you how it is, without playing those silly games like you find elsewhere. I had a customer come in last weekend who told me her experience at one of those other places. She had called in, told them what she were looking for, and the guy on the line repeated back, work-for-word, the exact car she said she wanted. She was happy and excited, and hurried over to see that car. When she arrived, they didn't have that particular car, and the closest thing they had was 3 years older and had 30,000 more miles than the one they told her they had in stock.

(*Sigh*) Such are the ways of car salesmen (and women, of course). This little trick will get you in their doors, where their slimy hands and slick ways will keep you trapped in their labyrinth of lies. They know that once you're there, there's a good chance of you buying, and that if you leave, there's little to no chance that you'll go back. Basically they're trying to trap you before someone else does.

At LeSueur's, we're family owned and operated, and have been for nearly 35 years. We've never been one to follow the crowds at the sales seminars where conventional tactics are taught in abundance. We like our methods, and though many may scoff and laugh, we know it works, and so do our customers. It's no coincidence that most of our business is generated by word of mouth and repeat customers. We've had many people buy 4 or 5 cars from us over the years, vowing to never go anywhere else.

But, if stress is your cup of tea, and you love being lied to and treated like a toddler, then by all means go elsewhere. We'll treat you the way we'd expect someone to treat us. You could say that we live the golden rule. Where else in the car business can you find that? We're that Golden Ticket that Willy Wonka has hidden among millions of chocolate bars. It's a rare treat and an awesome experience that will keep you coming back, we promise.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Affordable Luxury: No Longer a Contradiction

Introducing the Infiniti M35. Well, actually it's been around a while, and you've probably seen them before without realizing what they are.

If you haven't sat inside the M35, prepare to be blown away. For the price ($45,800+ when new), few cars can approach the level of comfort and style of the M series. The V6 engine is potent, whipping up 303 hp and a healthy serving of 262 lb-ft of torque. It's not supercar territory, but those are very respectable numbers for any V6.

Though it does get up and "scoot," the Infiniti M35 seems to focus more on comfort. The leather in these cars is my favorite. It is soothing in it's feel, it's appearance, and oddly enough, it's smell. It's like a love potion in the form of upholstery. In addition, the redwood trim is warm and inviting, giving the car a feel of true elegance. But my favorite feature, of all time, actually, is the climate control integrated within the front seats. Say good-bye to sweaty-back-syndrome for time and eternity.

With a soft ride, a supple interior chalk-full of comfort features, and room for tall people, both front and back, the M35 is the daily driver we should all aspire to buy. Personally, it's my favorite car on the lot, and it's one that I will hold in high regards for a long time.
Come and check them out while they're still available. We have six to choose from, with options, miles, and price that are sure to fit what you're looking for. Starting for around $29,000, that's a fraction of what they sell for new. So get over the "cash-for-clunkers" trend and buy a used one, saving you $16,000+ compared to a measely $4,500, which you're providing with your taxes anyway. Oh yeah, and our tax is the cheapest around too. Think of it as your own personal tax bailout.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tiguan: A New Breed of Crossover

Are you looking for something a little bigger, but you still want a fast, fun, fuel-efficient car? Then the Volkswagen Tiguan is for you!

If you're at all familiar with the VW GTI, you'll love the Tiguan. The "Tiger Iguana" shares the same 2.0 liter turbo found in the GTI, and has a similar feel on acceleration and cornering. Think of it as a grown-up GTI. It looks great, handles great, and comes with optional 4Motion (all wheel drive) and a panoramic sunroof.

The sunroof, speaking of which, is absolutely fascinating! It's just like being in Chase Field (formerly known as Bob), as the gigantic roof opens to reveal purple skies and passing planes. So, too, does the Tiguan open up to the sky, and with the nights getting cooler, nothing beats the view and feeling found in the Tiguan.

Get yours here at LeSueur's, while supplies last. We have five 2009 models to choose from, with panoramic sunroof or without, and even some with Volkswagen's signature 4Motion. The Tiguan says no to boring, gas guzzling SUV's, because, that's simply not what the people want. Make the people happy.

Friday, August 7, 2009

School is Back, Back Again.

That's right, it's time to get back to learning!

Come and get all your necessary school supplies at LeSueur's!

Ok, maybe not all of them. We might have an old trade-in with melted crayon on the seat somewhere....

But on a serious note, college-goers and high school upperclassmen will be in need of some wheels to get them to and from their classes...and parties.
But SERIOUSLY, if they haven't bugged you yet, I'm sure they will soon. Don't say I didn't warn you.

We've got an excellent assortment of cars of all makes, models, and colors that will make a giant box of crayons turn green with envy.

So get on over here and get your school supplies while supplies last. Oh yeah, and don't forget our low sales tax and fees (we're the cheapest around).
Go online at www.usedvwaudi.com or give us a call 480-968-6611.
If you're really brave, swing on by. You'll be glad you did.
We wish you the best with your classes or whatever you pursue this fall. Remember us, the nice guys, here at LeSueur's.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Poem for Fun

A roaring rumble
I dare not even mumble
The landscape blurring by
Holding my breath
For fear of death
While crusing at one twenty

The miles pass
Faster than fast
And in a moment I'm gone.
The whoosh of the air
and without a care
I pass a cop going one twenty

The red and blue
"Oh no, I'm doomed!"
The siren growing louder
And in a flash
I bang my dash
"I should have gone one forty!"