Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Affordable Luxury: No Longer a Contradiction

Introducing the Infiniti M35. Well, actually it's been around a while, and you've probably seen them before without realizing what they are.

If you haven't sat inside the M35, prepare to be blown away. For the price ($45,800+ when new), few cars can approach the level of comfort and style of the M series. The V6 engine is potent, whipping up 303 hp and a healthy serving of 262 lb-ft of torque. It's not supercar territory, but those are very respectable numbers for any V6.

Though it does get up and "scoot," the Infiniti M35 seems to focus more on comfort. The leather in these cars is my favorite. It is soothing in it's feel, it's appearance, and oddly enough, it's smell. It's like a love potion in the form of upholstery. In addition, the redwood trim is warm and inviting, giving the car a feel of true elegance. But my favorite feature, of all time, actually, is the climate control integrated within the front seats. Say good-bye to sweaty-back-syndrome for time and eternity.

With a soft ride, a supple interior chalk-full of comfort features, and room for tall people, both front and back, the M35 is the daily driver we should all aspire to buy. Personally, it's my favorite car on the lot, and it's one that I will hold in high regards for a long time.
Come and check them out while they're still available. We have six to choose from, with options, miles, and price that are sure to fit what you're looking for. Starting for around $29,000, that's a fraction of what they sell for new. So get over the "cash-for-clunkers" trend and buy a used one, saving you $16,000+ compared to a measely $4,500, which you're providing with your taxes anyway. Oh yeah, and our tax is the cheapest around too. Think of it as your own personal tax bailout.

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