Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come and See the Difference

LeSueur's invites you to experience car-buying the way it's supposed to be experienced.

We have people tell us over and over how easy and stress-free their purchase was. It's no coincidence that nearly every customer tells us so.

Don't be alarmed when people dressed like beach bums approach you and offer water or assistance. They're not the detailers, they're the sales guys. But why the flip-flops and shorts, and where are the ties and gold watches? Well, to be honest, we're just like you. We want you to feel at home, relaxed, and befriended.

We tell you how it is, without playing those silly games like you find elsewhere. I had a customer come in last weekend who told me her experience at one of those other places. She had called in, told them what she were looking for, and the guy on the line repeated back, work-for-word, the exact car she said she wanted. She was happy and excited, and hurried over to see that car. When she arrived, they didn't have that particular car, and the closest thing they had was 3 years older and had 30,000 more miles than the one they told her they had in stock.

(*Sigh*) Such are the ways of car salesmen (and women, of course). This little trick will get you in their doors, where their slimy hands and slick ways will keep you trapped in their labyrinth of lies. They know that once you're there, there's a good chance of you buying, and that if you leave, there's little to no chance that you'll go back. Basically they're trying to trap you before someone else does.

At LeSueur's, we're family owned and operated, and have been for nearly 35 years. We've never been one to follow the crowds at the sales seminars where conventional tactics are taught in abundance. We like our methods, and though many may scoff and laugh, we know it works, and so do our customers. It's no coincidence that most of our business is generated by word of mouth and repeat customers. We've had many people buy 4 or 5 cars from us over the years, vowing to never go anywhere else.

But, if stress is your cup of tea, and you love being lied to and treated like a toddler, then by all means go elsewhere. We'll treat you the way we'd expect someone to treat us. You could say that we live the golden rule. Where else in the car business can you find that? We're that Golden Ticket that Willy Wonka has hidden among millions of chocolate bars. It's a rare treat and an awesome experience that will keep you coming back, we promise.

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