Monday, June 29, 2009

Going Green: Good for Nature and Your Pocket!

If you're out to save the Earth like Captain Planet, or if seeking revenge on the gas-gouging fuel pumps is your cup of tea, today's "Green" cars are your trusty sidekicks. Hybrids and Diesels are the most popular gas-saving and mileage-enhancing tools out there. The future holds concepts like Fuel Cell vehicles, whose only emission is H2O, also known as water. However, those pricy cars won't do much to save the green in your wallet, and with today's economic mishap, that's no bueno.

So, on to the comparison. The Toyota Prius is, undoubtedly, the world's most famous Hybrid car(of which we have 11). The term "Hybrid" signifies the joining of two different things whose purpose or intent is the same. Hence, cars that support both a gas engine and an electric motor are dubbed "Hybrids," since the two different motors work in harmony to get the car going. Diesels, on the other hand, run strictly off diesel fuel. Invented in 1892 by a German fellow named Rudolf Diesel, the diesel engine uses a fuel which is easier to refine than gasoline, and uses compression instead of spark plugs to ignite the fuel(also, diesel prices at the pump don't typically fluctuate as fast as gasoline). The result is more fuel economy than gasoline powered engines, and because they are simpler than Hybrid systems, they cost less to build than Hybrids. Often times, a diesel engine will have a turbocharger which increases the amount of air entering the engine, which boosts fuel economy and power.

In recent reviews by famous automotive magazines, they pitted the Toyota Prius against the Volkswagen Jetta TDI (stands for Turbo-Diesel) in a mileage showdown. The Prius, which uses primarily batteries to propel the car around town, achieves a better fuel economy rating in the city, reaching upwards of 45 mpg. The Jetta TDI, on the other hand, earns a highly respectable 32 mpg around town. On the highway is where the story turns slightly. The Jetta beats the Prius on highway testing, earning at least 45 mpg (and rumors claim even higher numbers) on the highway, with the Prius coming in just below at around 44 mpg highway. Overall, the Prius remains the most fuel-efficient car out there, but reviewers praise the Jetta TDI (did I mention we have a few of those as well?) for providing a more enjoyable and refined driving experience.

Whether you're looking to save the planet, your wallet, or both, the Toyota Prius and the Volkswagen Jetta TDI are great options. The Jettas are harder to find, but less expensive than the Prius, saving you more green. Either way, why spend more to purchase a new car, when you can buy a pre-loved vehicle for thousands less? If saving those Green Benjamins is important to you, then listen up! Everyone knows that new cars experience a massive drop in value as soon as they are driven from the dealer's lot. With used cars, that drop is much less, if it drops at all! That means you're not upside down like everyone else, and being right side up is usually a good thing. And if you're really interested in saving the planet, buy a used car. For each new car produced, tons of emissions are dumped into our atmosphere, and for each used car that goes to the dump, our carbon footprint on nature and our environment grows bigger.

Here at LeSueur Car Co, we're trying to save you green while you go green. As of today, we have 11 Prius's to choose from, 3 Jetta TDIs, a Camry Hybrid, a VW New Beetle TDI, a VW Passat TDI, and 4 Honda Civic Hybrids! Our Green lineup is priced with competitive care, and are among some of the lowest prices in the Valley! Not only that, but our low 6.3% sales tax saves you more money, and our family (literally) staff is friendly and is allergic to pressured sales, ensuring that you don't go green in the face with frustration. Check us out at, or call us at 480-968-6611 with questions, concerns, or comments. Thanks for reading!

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