Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beat the Heat!

Here are some tips for keeping your car cool(er) during the Arizona summer, in order from least expensive to some more pricey options for the desperate.

Here's a freebie for everyone: park in the shade. Temperatures are 20 degrees cooler in the shade. Don't believe me? Try it. It might be worth walking the extra 50 yards.

In addition, when you start up your car, don't engage the "Recirculate" button on your A/C. Instead, take in the outside air and roll down your windows a few inches. In so doing, your car actually pushes the hot air out as it attempts to pressurize within the cabin. After a few minutes (or as soon as your A/C begins to blow cold), switch from outside air circulated air. Follow this advice from a master technician and merge onto the expressway to colder air.

One of the least expensive buys out there is a $15-$25 windshield shade. You can find these nearly anywhere, and they help prevent you from burning your hands on the steering wheel or dash controls.

Window tinting, as nearly everyone knows, is a somewhat inexpensive way to keep your car a little cooler. Here at LeSueur's, we can help you get your windows tinted at wholesale prices. We tint nearly all of our cars with limo tint in back, and the Arizona legal limit in front.

Another option is installing a remote start in your vehicle. By so doing, you give yourself the option of starting the car before you get in, allowing the A/C some time to cool down. Often times, they have a significant range, allowing you to turn on your car from the checkout line in the grocery store. At $400-$500, it's not the cheapest option out there, but many people swear they won't ever drive a car without it. We can help you get one installed, if that's something you seek.

And for the desperate in search of that oasis in the desert, sell your dark colored car and buy a white one. After having a little fun with a laser thermometer, I was able to record some interesting data.

It really is about 20 degrees cooler in the shade. White cars are not nearly as hot as black cars.

I tagged a black colored car in direct sunlight, and found it to be more than 170 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to cook a steak to well done status (I prefer medium, personally). The white car right next to it, in the same direct sunlight, was only 125 degrees. That's a difference of more than 45 degrees!

On the inside of the car we find a similar story unfolding. By measuring the headliner inside the car (the fabric above your head), there was a noticable 10 degree difference when comparing a black and white car. The benefit to having a white car? Personally, I think it looks better, and second, it cools down faster than a darker car.

Whatever you decide to do, take action NOW! It's too hot in Arizona not to try one of these methods. Save yourself the sweaty clothes, the heat wave headaches, and utter frustration. Don't wait until desperation sets in; get out there and do your part to stand up to triple digit temperatures. Tell them, "Keep the heat, I don't want it."


  1. cool thanks for the tips! i do try to park in the shade and use my windshield shade. How much do you charge for window tinting? I have a 98 Toyota Corolla. What kind of warranty do you offer on it? Do you take a AAA discount ? PS my car is white..bonus points for me? :)

  2. Yay for white cars!Good job on parking in the shade and using sunshades; sounds like you should be giving the tips! :)

    We normally charge $155 for window tint, which is already a very good deal. The place we use doesn't accept a AAA discount, but there is a lifetime warranty on the tint through them.

    Let me know if you'd like us to help you with that. It really makes a big difference. Ask for Ryan. Thanks for reading and commenting! What do you think of the blog so far?