Thursday, July 16, 2009

Meet the, Staff.

Well, by now I'm sure you've figured out that we're family owned, run, and supervised. Here's a little more information about us:

Warren LeSueur started the business back in 1975, and has been in the same place since then. Having restored over 5000 classic Volkswagen Beetles, Warren knows his Volkswagens well. He is always out buying cars, and leaves the lot in the hands of his sons. When he's not working, Warren enjoys reading, spending time with his family, and seeking after anything good or praiseworthy.

Leading the team at the lot, we have three LeSueur sons, Kris, James, and Steven.

Kris, the eldest, is very active in running, swimming, and biking. He participates in all kinds of triathlons and races, and consistantly finishes in the top of his age group. At the lot, Kris is the "go-to" guy as well as the one who is usually buying cars at local sales. He is married with two young daughters.

James, also known as Jimmy, takes care of nearly everything "behind the scenes." He is instrumental in keeping the business running. James is also extremely knowledgable on obtaining financing for customers, as well as being familiar with the ins and outs of registering and titling a vehicle. Recently married, James enjoys spending time with his wife and two fast-growing puppies.

Steven is in charge of the inventory and is responsible for most of the sales here at LeSueur's. He keeps his eye on market prices and everyone else's prices in order to assure some of the most inexpensive cars in the valley. Steven has nearly the entire inventory memorized, from stock number to mileage. He speaks a really well known language in these parts called Visayan! It is a Filipino dialect in the Visayas island! When he's not selling, Steven is raising his two young kids with his wife and enjoys paying for doctor visits when his children have ear, not really.

Also working in the sales office are Ryan LeSueur (nephew of the owner), David Tracy, and Ryan Biggs. Ryan LeSueur helps Steven keep the inventory updated and detailed and is an experienced sales consultant. He loves to learn and speak languages (Spanish, Portuguese, and currently sign language), play soccer, and skateboard.

David Tracy probably knows everything there is to know about Volkswagens and Audis, having personally owned more than 30 VWs (he's only 29) in his lifetime. His current restoration project is the yellow 1973 Karmann Ghia which is the very same car that brought him home from the hospital the day he was born. He just picked up a classic 1966 Porsche that he plans to fully restore as well. He has been working for and with LeSueur Car Co for several years, and has been involved in many aspects of the car business, from sales and service to aftermarket modification.

Rounding off the sales consultants is Ryan Biggs (a.k.a. me) as the newcomer. Though I've known the family for 13 years, I've only been at LeSueur's for about 5 months. When I'm not working I write short stories and articles, speak Portuguese, enjoy spending time with my wife, and day-dream about my future Porsche which will be funded by hopeful best-selling novels in the works.

In addition to our office staff, LeSueur's boasts an expertly run service department with some of the best technicians in Arizona. Doug, Jack, and Rob are each experts in their fields with dozens of years of combined professional experience. Lavery and Sean are both great service writers and excellent mechanics. We also have a crew of great lot attendants who actively detail, organize, and maintain our inventory of nearly 300 cars.

Now that you've met us, we'd love to meet you! Come and get to know the family, and make yourself at home! We're not like the other guys... just ask any of our thousands of pleased customers. It's definitely a new flavor of car buying. Give us a call! 480-968-6611

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