Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hatchback Heaven at LeSueur's

Hatchback [hach-bak]
a style of automobile in which the rear deck lid and window lift open as a unit.

Hatchbacks have been all the craze in Asia, South America, and especially Europe. The Europeans have single handedly created the Hot Hatch segment, turning hatchback compact cars into monster drivers, often touting lots of horsepower and all wheel drive.

In the United States, however, hatchbacks have always had a negative stigma. But lately, things have been changing. Volkswagen has been known for making some of the world's best hatchbacks. Other carmakers have seen VW's success, and have introduced hatchbacks of their own.
Presently, I can't think of a car company that doesn't have a hatchback vehicle. They provide versatility of a crossover SUV while maintaining the fuel economy of a compact car. Just the other day my wife went to pick up a large filing cabinet she found on craigslist, but it just wouldn't shimmy into her Honda Civic sedan. I came to the rescue with my Volkswagen Golf GTI, and it simply swallowed that filing cabinet with room still for dessert.

At LeSueur's, we're firm believers in hatchbacks. We have Mini Coopers, Volkswagen Rabbits and GTI's, Toyota Matrix's, Honda Fit's, Toyota Prius's, Scion xB's, and many more! Remember the benefit: great fuel economy with the room of a small SUV. Come by and check out our selection, and join the hatchback trend before you go out of style!

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