Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Detroit Auto Show

Detroit just had it's premier autoshow earlier this year, unveiling a legion of new cars and concepts from nearly every automaker. Hybrid and electric vehicles were all the buzz this year, as manufacturers find ways to increase fuel economy and fun simultaneously.One manufacturer looking to do so is Volkswagen. With their Compact Coupe Concept, Volkswagen is making hybrids fun and sporty. Capable of reaching 60 mph in about 8 seconds, the Coupe is light on it's feet, and it can obtain up to 45 mpg thanks to it's hybrid powertrain. It even looks cool, too, proving not all hybrids need to be as ugly as the Prius.

Mini Cooper rolled out a concept vehicle called the Mini Beach Comber. It's a small SUV without doors, though I'm not sure how many people will want something that quirky.

And finally a car that's no wider than a motorcycle. At $160,000 a piece, these little guys aren't cheap. And actually, it's probably the most dense car every built. It's loaded with batteries and electric motors under the floor of the car, weighing it down and giving it, shockingly, Corvette-like handling. With 800 hp, it's also as fast as a Corvette.
These and other cool cars are on their way to production soon, and hopefully showrooms in a year or two.

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