Thursday, January 7, 2010

Great Gas Mileage a Must in 2010

To anyone with eyes, it's obvious that hybrid and fuel efficient cars have gotten a lot of hype over the past year. It's also certain that this hype will carry over into the new year, 2010. The economy still lies somewhat in pieces, and sadly, many people are in the tightest financial situations of their lives.

With tight finances comes the need to cut payments, bills, and other spending. One of the best way that people have found to save some cash is to get better fuel economy. However, fuel economy can sometimes be a double-edged sword. Hybrid cars, especially, typically don't come cheap. Enter the micro-car. Lately, manufacturers have been introducing extra small cars, although Toyota has been selling them for years already. The Toyota Yaris, a spunky little car available in either sedans or hatchbacks, it the perfect alternative to someone wanting great miles per gallon and not spend a fortune to get it.
Here at LeSueur Car Company, we have the largest selection of Toyota Yaris sedans and hatchbacks, even more than the Toyota Dealers! If you're wanting your gas mileage to average in the mid 30s, then the Yaris is perfect. In addition to the Yaris, we have Nissan Versas, Toyota Prius's, Mini Coopers, a Smart Car, and a 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid. All of these cars get outstanding fuel economy and have a range of different options and features.

Come check them out today!

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