Friday, February 26, 2010

Hyundai is Taking Over!

If you asked someone ten years ago if they'd buy a Hyundai, they'd likely say "Thanks, but no thanks."

With roughly 5% sales dominance in the US market, Hyundai isn't the biggest name out there, but they're probably the fastest growing. More and more consumers are turning to the brand, which is known for it's excellent warranty, comfortable and quality cars, and some 20% savings when compared to certain Japanese car companies. Hyundai (rhymes with Sunday) is a growing name, and their cars are getting better and better.
One of my favorites, at least within the realm of crossovers and SUVs, is the Hyundai Santa Fe. My wife loves it, and my mother even bought one from us last summer. You'll probably be surprised and just how much car you get for the money. Just take a look at the pictures.

In the coming months, we're likely to see some of the new Hyundai Tucsons coming to our lot. They feature Hyundai's new fluid design, giving it a sporting edge and more refinement ever thought possible from a Korean brand. On an even higher scale are the Hyundai Genesis and Genesis Coupe, adding luxury as well as performance to the growing automaker.

At LeSueur's, we like good cars, and the Santa Fe is one of our favorites. We currently have 9 Santa Fe's, most of them being 2009 models, and some even have all-wheel drive. Come check them out in person. You won't find more bang for your buck than with these.

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