Monday, February 8, 2010

VW and Audi SuperBowl Commercials

Alright, it's no secret that everyone's favorite part of the Superbowl actually occurs during the 30 second or 2 minute breaks from the game. The television commercials likely bring more joy to viewers than a 40 yard touchdown pass, and it's the commercials, not the game, that people are talking about after the final whistle blows.

Advertisers spend millions of dollars for these primetime spots, hoping to catch the attention (and credit card number) of everyone in America's biggest television audience of the year.

Doritos and Budweiser had a large majority of the television commercials, along with Coca Cola, E*Trade, and Hyundai, among others. But some of my favorites came from Volkswagen and Audi, which technically are the same company.

Here is the Volkswagen Commercial, bringing back the original all-time classic game of "Slug Bug." Why they punched each other when they saw models besides the Beetle is beyond me, but it was a clever and funny commercial nonetheless.

Audi also produced a unique and witty TV ad for their TDI (diesel) Audi A3 hatcback. Check out the Audi Commercial (picture inset above) on Youtube.
What were your favorites? What did you think of these car commercials?
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