Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Heartbreak for Toyota

Toyota, it seems, has been dumped. Dumped by lots of customers who are being taken advantage of by scheming GM and Ford dealerships.

With over 8 million cars being recalled within the past few weeks, and controversies arising due to "coverups" by top Toyota execs, it's no wonder people are beginning to lose faith.

However, it's all a bit unprecendented. For one, every single carmaker has recalls, and every single car has probably experienced a recall of some sort. No car is perfect, and some problems are simply unforseen throughout the production stage. It's just unfortunate that Toyota has had so many in such a short period of time. And in regards to the "coverups," it's obviously a bit overwhelming for Toyota to issue so many recalls. They didn't want to speak out too quickly and possibly harm their image further.

It also doesn't help that the media seems to be kicking Toyota when they're down. It's no surprise that the government supported media is lashing at Toyota, especially since the federal government owns a large stake of General Motors, one of Toyota's biggest competitors. I'm not saying the government is anti-Toyota, but they surely aren't disappointed that Toyota is having hard times.

In any case, Toyota still remains once of the most quality carmakers out there. Their reliability is second to none, and although their styling is a bit bland, it's still one of the best brands on the road. In spite of mass criticism and halted car sales, Toyota was quick to release the updates and improvements for the cars affected by recalls. We've got 100 Toyota's on our lot, and all of the necessary recalls have already been taken care of by Toyota dealers.

Don't skip out on Toyota to buy a GM or Ford, just because the media says so. The age-old addage says that you shouldn't believe everything that the media spills to the masses, and in the case of Toyota, that's especially true.

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