Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall is Officially Here!

It's about time the weather cools off a bit! We now usher in the era where Arizonans far and wide bundle up tight in the chilly 60 degree weather. I know, our "winter" is brutal, but if you can bare the arctic temperatures, it's actually a good time to buy a car.

Autumn and Fall are the same thing, but I like Fall better, because I can say that our prices are falling too! Haha, funny, I know. I've been called a "Sit-Down Comedian" before. I stand up, tell a joke, and the crowd yells for me to sit down. That was a joke too, by the way.

All jokes aside, the weather is quite nice lately, and it's only getting better. Pretty soon we can shut off our air conditioners and open our windows, even the windows on our cars while we drive! How about moon roofs and convertibles! We've got three hard-to-find Mini Cooper Convertibles, perfect for experiencing the Autumn Air firsthand!

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  1. haha funny jokes, I think I heard them recently :)